Technical Program

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OCEANS13 MTS/IEEE in Bergen brings together technology, people, and ideas that will help to expand the understanding of the ocean and its natural resources. The city of Bergen, Norway, with its leading marine and maritime competence linked to oil and gas, shipping, fisheries and aquaculture provides a perfect venue to address new challenges. OCEANS 2013´s theme The Northern dimension and challenges is particularly timely and relevant. With a dwindling Arctic ice cover, new opportunities for marine activities emerge but in literally uncharted territory and with special environmental challenges.

The Oceans13 MTS/IEEE conference will focus on development and application of technology to address the following topics:

  1. Ocean management 
  2. Oil and Gas Systems 
  3. Underwater Technology  
  4. Arctic Operations 
  5. Maritime communication & Information  
  6. Marine Renewable Energy 
  7. ROV & AUV Technology 
  8. Integrated environment surveillance  
  9. Marine Shipping 
  10. Remote sensing


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